Terms and Conditions

All our items are covered with a 12 month manufacturer warranty this excludes accidental damages caused by improper use of the item. Upon making a purchase we require a valid contact number before your order is processed.

Please be aware that we will not despatch any orders that require our own 2 man delivery team without prior arrangement so it is vital that you provide us with valid phone number and email address. 

Any payments made by PayPal will need to be registered to the address the items are being delivered too. This means if you pay by PayPal your address will need to be verified by them.

Please make sure you are making the correct delivery payment before making your order as we will not be able to process the order until you have made the correct payment.

We cannot accept responsibility for delays to delivery times due to unforeseen circumstances. We do offer a premium delivery service which consists of delivering the items into your home and affixing any components. However, we do not accept any liability for any damage caused to your property whilst doing so.

For returns please read our Delivery & Returns policy. 

Proper Handling And Care of your Furniture advice:

  1. The upholstered furniture should not be used for purposes other than intended
  2. No sharp tools should be used for unpacking as the upholstery can be damaged as a result. 
  3. If transported, after unpacking, upholstery can have irregular folds and creases. It may take a few days after unpacking for the effect to recede. The deformed upholstery can be modelled by hand, which will shorten the whole process.
  4. Light Fabrics, Faux Leather, Genuine Leather had to be used with additional care to protect them from sometimes permanent stains and discoloration this can be caused by food liquids and other darker garments and fabrics that are being left on light colour fabrics for too long. 
  5. While moving the furniture, do not hold the upholstery or its loose elements (cushions) as it can result in some irreparable damages or deformation.
  6. The upholstered furniture should not be situated close to active sources of heat such as radiators, cookers and stoves.
  7. The furniture should be protected against the harmful impact of weather conditions. Air humidity should not exceed 70%.
  8. Cleaning Of Fabrics or Faux Leather Should Not Be Carried With Use Of Chemicals Not Prescribed For Type Of Material Used. Please Read Cleaning Product Description to See If its Applicable For Cleaning Of Your Furniture. We As A Supplier Do Not Advise To Use Any Cleaning Products Apart From Warm Water To Clean Faux Leather And Gentle Soap For Other Fabric. 
  9. In case of function pieces, it is necessary to align (level) the furniture.

All furniture and upholstery products comply with british fire regulation and materials used are being tested on a regular base as required by law. All products contain label which is usually allocated at the bottom of every item. You should also check for those when you accept delivery. 


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