Shannon Fabric Corner Sofa Faux Leather Black/Black

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Shannon Black/Black Fabric and Chenille Designer Sofa
Introducing our new and incredible looking Shannon Range sofa, with an amazing range of colours and it's unique design along with comfort, who wouldn't want to get such a great product especially for it's cheap price? Why is it so cheap you may ask? Because here at Sofas and More we believe that the customer should get the value that they paid no matter if it's a big or small product of ours. This specific model is a great sofa to sit on and watch TV furthermore not only does this product look good, it also feels great! Our customers are all satisfied with this specific product and many other products that we sell within our online market but this specific model we believe is the most successful as stocks are always getting emptied due to the amount of orders this sofa gets. So what are you waiting for? Get your Shannon Fabric Corner Sofa today! - SofasAndMore ltd
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